Space Ghost CGA is a crazy mix of Pacman, Asteroids and Bomberman in space. Are you tough enough to handle this? We think you're not. 

🙈 Use UP, LEFT, RIGHT arrow keys or W, A, D keys to move.

🙉 Press SPACE, X or O to detonate Pacman. (That's right. Pacman explodes in this game.)

How to Play

  • Destroy all enemies on screen to clear each level.
  • Lure enemies near Pacman and detonate him. He'll explode and they'll be destroyed.
  • On some levels you'll shoot lasers instead of detonating Pacman.
  • Don't get near the Pacman or the enemies or they'll damage your ship's shields.
  • Your ship gets destroyed when its shields are completely drained.


  • Google Chrome - 70+ (⭐️ highly recommended)
  • Firefox - 63+


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Great idea.

I love the aesthetics a lot. I have to say that I also had problems to manage difficulty hehe. Died a lot. 

Well done!


That is some weird ...i ;-)

Tried a few times. With some minor success. But yes, I didn't handle this :-(

Would love, if you will try my game?

Thanks for playing. It does seem hard and balancing will be revisited again after the jam voting period ends.