KickPunch is an old school Beat-'em-up game. Get your fighting skills tested by defeating all enemies in this furious action game.


  Use the Gamepad Luke! 

No seriously, the game can be played with a gamepad (xinput), so go ahead and try it.

Here are the controls.

  • Use the D-Pad, Left StickArrow Keys or WASD keys to move. ðŸƒ
  • Press X (xbox), H, O or Enter to punch. ðŸ‘Š
  • Press (xbox), J, P or Backspace to kick. ðŸ’«

And here are some hints.

  • Move, move, move. Don't let the enemies surround you. Try to stack them together and then hit them.
  • Kicks knock enemies back farther than punches, but they do less damage.
  • Get food to heal yourself. The bigger the dish, the more hit points you'll get restored. Also, make sure you look behind the sidewalk objects in each level. 
  • To go to Act 3 from Act 2 you need to defeat all enemies in the level and then enter the last door at the end of the level. It will get opened automatically once all enemies are defeated.

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome 62+  â­ï¸  (highly recommended)
  • Firefox 57+
  • Safari 11.0.2
  • Opera - 49.0
  • Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0 (anti-aliasing is forced by the browser)


It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Brian and Gloria Freezby are back in their home town for the weekend and are taking a stroll on Shaker St. together with their dog Dido. Suddenly, they are approached by a group of hooligans. One of them, visibly bigger than the others, steps out of the group. It's Brian’s old rival - Arkian Joel. Arkian does some smack talk and orders a bunch of his thugs to grab Gloria and Dido. He then leaves his gang to take care of the Brian problem.

Brian faces the bad guys in fight and after defeating them continues down on Shaker St. determined to find Arkian and save his wife and dog.

Team Kickpunch

We are @Charliiee@LampEight@n3tn0de, @PsyBack and @petarov.

This game is our entry to GitHub's annual Game Off 2017 game jam. 


Track KickPunch's development or open a pull request at GitHub.


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Excellent Work!!


This is such a great game. The music is absolutely fabulous!!! We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Awesome! Thank you and it's great to hear that you had a fun time playing. 


Oh my! Love it, reminds me old good Double Dragon i just played when im kid.


Hello From Brawlers Avenue! We  Played your game :D 

We hope you keep going  with this project and push it to be even more awesome :D

Sweeeeet! Thanks a lot for making that video. I don't seem to be able to view it right now (?), but in any case thanks a bunch for playing!

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really cool , nice .

I like the gameboy effect, it's really good, you work a lot for this, it's cool and it's really a shame that the gameboy jam is not made in the same time of the game off jam , beacause it's a gameboy game ^^ , the work with a limited color is really cool.

So congrulations for your work ^^ .

We hope you had fun and thank you for playing! :)